Kool Klay Unique Handmade Polymer Clay Using Molds Vs Doing it by Hand

Today I want to talk about using molds vs doing it by hand. A person starting thinks about using molds and if it can be a time saver or if it will take longer to do. I have bought a few molds myself and if it’s the smartest thing I have done since I sell on Poshmark.

I worry about keeping up with demand when I start selling more quickly in the future. I am a perfectionist and it can take me longer to do it by hand. It has to be perfect.

I think a mold has become a life saver because I can make a few things faster than I can by hand. It will help when my sales pick up. I can make a lot more using mold.

Molds has become is the right to do rather than doing it by hand. A mold is a girls best friend when it comes to selling your creations.


Kool Klay Unique Handmade Polymer Clay


Green Floral design ~ Handmade


Acis Yellow, Hot Pink, Purple and White ~ Handmade

I found a new friend on instagram the other day. She is totally helping me on marketing my business. She is one of many that has answered my questions.

I made a sale on Poshmark last week. I was so happy about making that sale. Poshmark is a great place to sell. I love it! I am still on eBay if you are wondering.

I just wanted to tell you a little about Poshmark if you are wanting to sell. It’s like no other place I have sold on. You pay one flat rate. You don’t get fees for listing. My fee was 4.40. That’s it nothing else. You get your name out by following outer buyers and sellers. You share the sellers items and they share yours. I think that’s the smartest thing anyone has done in our electronic world.

Now you can see why I made a sale on Poshmark the best electronic store created and why I love you any more.

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Kool Klay Making Beads.

Kool Klay makes many many beads a day. You think that there isn’t much to making a bead. Why can’t we just pinch a piece of clay off and start rolling it between our hands? You always wonder what is out there that can help you get it done a lot faster.

It can take forever to make beads by hand. When you pinch a little clay off you and try to roll it between your hands, you find out that’s not how to do it. You will take a little clay roll it with a finger or two on the fastest part of you palm (just under the thumb). You can’t roll it one way because it will not come out even. You have to roll the clay one way and then back the other way. Even if you get a perfect ball, then you have the problem of pinching off the same amount of Clay every time and that’s hard.

I discovered bead rollers. They are awesome. Not only can you roll a ball, you can roll other shapes. Pretty AWESOME!!! I found the shop on Etsy that makes their molds.


I love these molds and bead rollers. Bead rollers and molds sure does make bead making easier, faster and you get a variety of beads. Make sure to checkout Leslie shop Clever Clay Shop on Etsy (thank you Leslie for the pics and the link). I provided the link above. All you have to do is click on the link above. I hope you enjoyed the information I provided. Have a great day.

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Kool Klay

Kool Klay Unique Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry made by . I make the beads, the cuff bracelets and the earrings. I am going to decorate iPhones X phone cases. I am trying to think of new ways to use polymer clay. I will be listing pins, post/stud earrings, flower bracelet and earrings. We are @eBay

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Kool Klay

Kool Klay Handmade Jewel. We try not to duplicate any of our jewelry unless we have a demand for it.

I received a bunch of goodies this week. I haven’t some trouble with one mold. It’s difficult to get the tropical flower out of the mold and to get the color right on the edges so I decided to paint it on the edges the and the middle.

I really enjoy using my handmade to making beautiful jewelry.

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